French Bulldog Characteristics from the FBCE

It is generally recognised that the French Bulldog of today is a descendant of the Toy Bulldogs of the 1850s. By 1890, a strain had emerged in France which later became known as the French Bulldog.


The Frenchie, as he is known, is active, intelligent, sweet-tempered and full of fun. He makes an ideal companion and is a discretely silent house-dog, disinclined to make friends with strangers. He has a retentive memory, unflinching gaze and is quite fearless. He seems to possess a special power by which he gains the unswerving affection of his owner.


His body should be sturdy and compact. An essential feature is his erect ear carriage. Equally important are his round, dark eyes. An overall balance is another essential quality of the breed. A unique feature of the Frenchman is that his tail is naturally short and undocked. His coat must be short and fine and Brindled, Pied (in which white dominates the brindling) or Fawn in colour.


A French Bulldog is very dependant upon human companionship. He should never be left alone for long periods or left in the care of young children. As far as is possible, his life should follow a well-regulated pattern. He flourishes in warm, comfortable surroundings. The Frenchie enjoys a daily walk of moderate length. In summer, this should be taken early or late - NEVER in the heat of the day. NEVER, EVER leave him alone in your car in hot weather. When travelling in summer, take plenty of water, towels and ice. If he overheats, cool his body surfaces, give ice to lick but do NOT give him large quantities of water to drink. If necessary, abort your journey.


Although he has an easy care coat, it does need regular attention. His facial wrinkles and area round the base of his little tail must be kept clean. Particular attention must be paid to his bat ears. It is really important that the orifices are kept clear and thoroughly clean. Never let them dry out so that the inner surfaces come together.

The French Bulldog is a wonderful companion. His vivacity, comic ways and quaint clown-like appearance give him a unique characte


Souce: French Bulldog Club of England